I am very fortunate in all of you, my readers. I was nominated this year for the Best In Show Blog Award from WEGO Health (for the third time!). Carol Head of Solve ME/CFS Initiative and Tom Kindlon were also nominated in other categories. And Tom was chosen as a finalist!!! Sadly, Tom did not win, but he is an incredible advocate and representative of us. (Go follow him on Twitter)

Now there’s another “win” to report. Feedspot has assembled the “Top 50 CFS Blogs and Websites,” and Occupy ME is number six! Feedspot is an RSS aggregator, so they certainly want to drive traffic to their site and sign up users. (Note: I receive no compensation for being on the list.) The ranking of websites will change on a weekly basis, and is calculated from a number of data points including social media presence.

So thank you for reading Occupy ME. My goal is to support your activism with insider information, analysis, and action. There is no shortage of stories to tell in ME activism, and I’ll keep telling them.

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  1. Marcie Myers says:

    Dear Jennie,
    I was recently contacted by Jennie Montgomery, a well known local newscaster wanting to interview me re: ME/CFS on her Tuesdays with Jennie show. As I’ve aged (62) I’ve given over the researching and politicking to the younger generation. So, I’m not very “up” on recent news. I suppose I could simply tell my story but would like to have some stats to offer up as well as any research breakthroughs (ha). Would you care to be of assistance? There is no date scheduled yet. Thank you and congratulations. I have a copy of UnRest. Marcie Myers

    • Jennie Spotila says:

      I’m sorry, Marcie, but I do not have any capacity to help with this. I suggest checking MEAction’s website, as I believe they recently put out a guide to the current research updates.

  2. Chris Heppner says:

    Jennie, congratulations on a well-deserved recognition! And pity Tom Kindlon did not win–he is pretty special. You are both among the most valuable info sources we have–thank you, thank you!

    • billie moore says:

      Jennie, ditto that!!! You are one of my main sources of detailed information about what is going on, and what the regs, meetings, and decisions mean in the HHS. Couldn’t do without you!

      Thank you for all you do.

  3. Charmian Proskauer says:

    Congratulations Jennie! Well deserved!

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