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Answering Attacks

When I posted about the “truthiness” I saw in a comment by Dr. Mikovits, I expected criticism. I’ve heard from folks in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook, and by email. I think some of the points and questions raised … Continue reading

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Facts, Not Spin

I need to speak out about something, in part because I’m afraid no one else will. I’ve been following the comments posted in the FDA docket on ME/CFS, and I came across this comment from Dr. Judy Mikovits: During the … Continue reading

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Drug and FDA News, July 2013

The big BIG reminder for the ME/CFS community is that the public comment docket on drug development for ME/CFS will close on August 2, 2013. As of this morning, there are only 201 comments! That’s disappointing, given that FDA said … Continue reading

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How To Be Sick (Giveaway!)

I have been a fan of Toni Bernhard’s book How To Be Sick since it first came out in 2010. There is now an audiobook version available, which is fantastic for people who are too sick to read, and we … Continue reading

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Data Queen

One of the biggest weapons I have in the fight against ME/CFS is data. I keep track of my activities, medications, sleep, and symptoms daily, and over time that data can be very powerful. I’ve blogged extensively about wearing a … Continue reading

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Two Is Better Than One

My confidence in two-day cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) is pretty obvious on this blog. A new study from ME/CFS experts Dr. Chris Snell, Staci Stevens, Dr. Todd Davenport, and Dr. Mark VanNess supplies hard data that shows how important a … Continue reading

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Heart Rate and Beta Blockers

Beta blockers are routinely prescribed to ME/CFS patients who have orthostatic intolerance. But because of the medication’s effects on heart rate, it can be challenging to incorporate heart rate monitoring into the picture. After some uncertainty, I have managed to … Continue reading

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