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Accurate and Precise

This is the text version of my presentation to the Institute of Medicine Panel today. I delivered my comments remotely, because a fever has kept me bedridden for three days. I tried to speak as naturally and extemporaneously as possible, … Continue reading

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At the Microphone

Next Monday, the IOM Panel creating new diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS will hold a public meeting. This may or may not be the only public meeting for the study, and it will be webcast. As you can see, I am … Continue reading

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More on P2P

Robert Miller posted a statement on Facebook last night revealing that he was one of the members of the P2P Working Group that met at NIH last week. I’ve posted his full comment below, with his permission. Bob is very … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors

There’s an important meeting happening at NIH today and tomorrow, but you probably know nothing about it. The secrecy of this meeting is intentional, and the implications of decisions made at the meeting are as far-reaching as the Institute of … Continue reading

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There Is No Spoon

After I read How To Wake Up last summer, Toni Bernhard was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the book and the Buddhist practices she suggests. You can read the full text of our conversation here. This … Continue reading

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