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NIH Funding and the XMRV Effect

The largest pool of money available for investigator-initiated CFS research grants is the NIH. Although miniscule relative to other areas of research, $6 million a year is the largest annual research investment in CFS from any source. Given the significance … Continue reading

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CFSAC Charter Input

Today, six advocates and myself joined together to send the following letter to Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh regarding the recent vacancy on the CFS Advisory Committee and a proposed change to the Committee’s charter.   Dear Dr. Koh, … Continue reading

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2011 NIH Spending on CFS Studies

At the June 2012 CFS Advisory Committee meeting, Dr. Susan Maier from the NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health reported that NIH funding of CFS research in 2011 totaled $6.3 million. In the past, advocates have questioned whether studies … Continue reading

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CFSAC Vacancy: One Down

Within the last week, there has been a change to the CFS Advisory Committee roster. Dr. Jacqueline Rose, who joined the committee on June 13, 2012, is no longer a member of the committee. Dr. Rose was described at the … Continue reading

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CFSAC Profile: Dr. Lisa Corbin

The second in a series of profiles of the new members of the CFS Advisory Committee. Four new members were recently appointed to the CFS Advisory Committee.  In previous years, members such as Drs. Jason, Klimas and Snell were well-known … Continue reading

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The Fine Print

Earlier this month, I told the CFS Advisory Committee to keep track and keep asking about how DHHS was responding to its recommendations. I discussed four recommendations in detail, including: Regarding your recommendation that HHS engage the expertise of the … Continue reading

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Can’t Drive 95

Almost as soon as I had decided to raise the limit on my heart rate monitor to 105 beats per minute, my physical therapy team smacked that idea down. They told me that one week with the monitor was not … Continue reading

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