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Highest Priority, Part Two

When I posted the other day about the CFS Advisory Committee’s list of High Priority Recommendations (pdf link), I said that I had done some digging and that what I found wasn’t pretty. To be blunt, what I found is … Continue reading

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Highest Priority, Part One

Over the years, the CFS Advisory Committee has made dozens and dozens of recommendations to the Secretary for Health and Human Services. This month, the Committee posted a document entitled “High Priority Recommendations from CFSAC, January 2012” (pdf link) which … Continue reading

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Comparing Exercise Advice

Exercise is an issue for every CFS patient, and there is no shortage of advice on whether and how to do it. On January 14th, the CDC hosted a conference call as part of its Patient Centered Outreach and Communication … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

This is not the day I planned to come back from my holiday hiatus, nor is this the post I planned for the beginning of a new year. But as they say: “The best laid plans of mice and men … Continue reading

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