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I Think I Can

Today I am feeling like the Little Engine That Almost Can. I’ve been drafting a post about the Lipkin XMRV study, and my own views on whether it should be completed. After much work, and several thousand words, I’m out … Continue reading

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Virtually Reality

Today, the CFIDS Association announces its latest research grants and projects. I know many of us want to dive into the details of the grants, but I want to first take a look at the big picture. The Association describes … Continue reading

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Diverse and Coordinated

Today, the CFIDS Association announced five new research grants as part of its “institute without walls” CFS research program.* The Association has funded more CFS research than any other non-profit to date, and expectations are high following on the success … Continue reading

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Speak Up About ME

I have devoted substantial energy in the last several years to following the work of, and preparing testimony to, the CFS Advisory Committee to the Department of Health and Human Services. The committee exists to advise the Department on CFS … Continue reading

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Not Just Us

The Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension Committee hearing on Pain in America (read a summary here  or watch the hearing here) made me realize something: it is not just the CFS community that has to struggle against psychogenic arguments … Continue reading

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Testimony to Hearing on Chronic Pain

Today, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions is holding a hearing on chronic pain. This hearing came about through the work of the Chronic Pain Research Alliance.  I was invited to provide written testimony to the hearing … Continue reading

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Why Occupy

“I came because by being physically present at Occupy Wall Street, I could increase, however marginally, the likelihood that more people would look in my direction.” – Jason Fitzgerald If you paid any attention to the news in the last … Continue reading

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