Long Term Disability Insurance/ERISA

If you are fortunate, then your employer provides you with disability insurance. When you become disabled, this insurance pays you a percentage of your salary, and you are not solely dependent on Social Security Disability.

In real life, it is never that simple because insurance companies try to avoid paying out too much in benefits, especially for severely disabling, chronic diseases with no treatment such as ME/CFS. There is a very complicated world of government regulations and case law that govern these policies and are supposed to keep things “fair.”

The Department of Labor has now proposed new regulations that will strengthen protections for disabled workers, and require the insurance companies to play more fair. The public comment period closes on January 19th, and you can be certain that the insurance companies are opposing these changes.

I’ve been too sick, and we’ve had several new family crises this month, so I have not been able to do much work on this. However, Jeannette Burmeister has done a fantastic job explaining the proposed changes and making suggestions for public comment over on her blog. I highly recommend you check out her three excellent posts on the subject, and then consider submitting a comment yourself:

Summary of Proposed Regulations

Sample Public Comment

Additional Guidance on Commenting


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