Survey: Barriers to NIH Funding

Reprinted with permission of Lily Chu:

Over the years, IACFS/ME Board members have heard anecdotally from researchers, clinicians, and others that obtaining government-sponsored funding for research related to ME/CFS can be quite challenging, in some cases more challenging than that for other fields or medical conditions. Reasons that have been brought up include poor funding overall for the field, grant reviewers’ lack of familiarity with the condition, and lack of funding programs/ initiatives specifically targeting ME/CFS.

Proposed and planned actions might not be successful if they do not address existing barriers. Thus, we are polling the ME/CFS community this and next month regarding their views and experiences with regard to applying for government-sponsored funding. We also want to hear any ideas you may have for governments to stimulate or support research.

The poll is short (12 items total), anonymous, and open to anyone. We encourage non-IACFS/ME members as well as the international community to participate. Even if you are not involved in conducting research, we want to hear from you although some survey items might not apply to you. We hope to share poll results both in a future edition of this Newsletter as well as with US federal agencies and officials. Your participation in the poll can inform and influence future science policy so click on the link below to go to the poll and feel free to share the link with as many people as you wish. Thanks for participating!

Click to participate:

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  1. Flora says:

    Jenny, i tried to do the survey, it kept scrolling back to question #4, i finally gave up.

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