FDA Meeting Materials

The FDA Drug Development Workshop for ME and CFS is finally here!!! I will be speaking on a panel at the meeting on Friday, and am in frantic preparation mode. I’ve gathered the pertinent materials together in one post to help you prepare as well. This is an historic meeting, and I hope you will watch and participate.

WATCH THE MEETINGI will add the link as soon as it becomes available Watch it here
Meeting Materials

FDA’s meeting materials page

Final Agenda (pdf link)

FAQs about the meeting (pdf link)


Preparing to Participate

Finding Your Strongest Voice for Public Testimony webinar by the CFIDS Association on April 4th

Training for the Drug Development Workshop webinar by PANDORA on April 16th


Understanding FDA

FDA 101 webinar offered by FDA on April 18th

Overview of the Drug Development Landscape webinar offered by the CFIDS Association on March 28th

How FDA Defines “Safe and Effective Treatment” webinar offered by the CFIDS Association on April 11th

FDA’s Drug Approval Process

Drug Approval Process Infographic (pdf link)


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  1. Justin Reilly says:

    Good luck, Jenny. I know you will do well as usual.

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