Thank you, everyone, for your comments on my Public Citizen story. I’ve heard from you on the blog, email, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

We are still awaiting a formal response from the Acting General Counsel of HHS. I will share updates as we progress.

There has been coverage on several other outlets as well:

I will try to keep the list up to date. If you write about the story on your website or blog, or see it somewhere on the interwebs, please post a comment so we can track it!

Last updated March 2, 2013.

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1 Response to Coverage

  1. cfsboston says:

    Can I say “You totally rock!” once again?!? I mean seriously, this is real advocacy.

    A guy inflicting self-harm to garner attention is NOT advocacy. A guy walking across a State is NOT advocacy. I mean seriously, CFSers’ sit around wondering why real progress never gets made…..[sigh]

    What you are doing is REAL ADVOCACY!!!!

    I am sure you already accepted that we are not dealing with a normal, logical, rational system run by humane individuals who care about people. So, don’t be upset if you do not receive a normal, logical, rationale response from government officials.

    I am still waiting for my two trips abroad to met with a Nobel scientist (facilitated by the UN) to meet the news. It hasn’t…because, quite frankly, our government does not care.

    Resistence, revolt, and revolution are history’s only proven solutions.

    Real progress will occur when we are marching/rolling in the streets ACT-UP/OCCUPY style.

    Vive La Revolución‏!

    Until then, keep up the great REAL advocacy! 🙂

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