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This is a non-commercial blog. I do not accept advertising or contributions, and I fund the costs of the site myself. I accept no payment for the material posted here. If you want to advertise your product, service, or fundraising campaign, please go somewhere else.

Comment Guidelines (updated July 19, 2016)

My comment policy is simple: Don’t be a jerk or I will mark you as spam. That means the next time you comment it will be flagged as spam and will not appear on the site.

I do not censor comments if I disagree with them, as long as you are not a jerk. What do I mean by “jerk”?

  • Personal attacks or bickering.
  • Advertising products or services.
  • Promoting outside interests, commercial or otherwise.
  • Linking to a petition or fundraiser that I do not endorse. Even if you’re not selling something, or you’re trying to promote a good cause, this is my blog. Advertise your efforts elsewhere.
  • Prejudice, including bias based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.
  • Obscene or offensive content.
  • Repetitive comments that do not contribute to discussion.
  • Trolling.
  • Any other abuse or toxic comments.

Your first jerky comment is likely to be met with a warning, unless it is suitably horrible and then I may just proceed right to marking you as spam. I also reserve the right to edit comments to remove the jerky bits, and I will note when this has been done.

Assume that things you can’t do in public, you can’t do here.

If you wish to report abuse: please do so at jspotila at yahoo dot com.

Book Review Policy

I am willing to review books for the blog. I do not accept compensation for doing so, apart from the advanced reader’s copy of the book itself. I write honest reviews, positive or negative. If I agree to review your book, be aware that I will publish my honest opinion on the blog. If you would like me to review your book, please email me at jspotila at yahoo dot com.


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