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I had it all under control. After coming down with a virus (mild flu?) in January, I got the message and seriously scaled back my activity. Joe Landson, Denise Lopez-Majano, and Claudia Goodell all came through for me in a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Frustration

I continue to struggle with the crash from hell, but Denise Lopez-Majano has graciously provided a guest post. Her thoughts on ME-frustration are right on target for me this week! As a caregiver for her two adult sons, Denise is … Continue reading

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The Finger

Last week, my body gave me the finger. I can’t even say I didn’t deserve it. After more than 19 years, I still don’t always listen to my body and this makes her very, very angry with me. I’ve previously … Continue reading

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I Thank You

When I uploaded my Crash Day 3 video on Monday, I was scared. In fact, I almost didn’t do it. I can’t control the fact that I have crashes, but I can control who sees me that way. Like most … Continue reading

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What a Crash Looks Like

On the suggestion of my friend Claudia, I recorded a video of myself on the third day after the FDA Drug Development Workshop on ME and CFS. I had to swallow my pride to do this. Even some members of … Continue reading

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I’ve had a craptastic week. Three crash days, including one that involved a three hour “nap.” I don’t understand what triggered these crash days, but I never do. Usually, crash days take me by surprise because whatever activity I’ve been … Continue reading

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