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Pretty Much the Worst

One of the worst things someone said to me recently about my disability was: With all the stuff you’re doing, you work just as hard as someone working full time. The charitable and loving way to interpret this statement is: … Continue reading

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DIY Brain Rehab

Cognitive difficulties are part and parcel of ME/CFS. Brain fog, memory problems, difficulty with focus and attention, and reduced processing speed are just a few of the deficits we deal with every day. And cognitive effort can cause post-exertional malaise … Continue reading

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Do you notice anything different at the top of the page? Occupy CFS is now Occupy M.E. I thought long and hard about the change, and would like to share my reasoning. First of all, CFS is a crappy name. … Continue reading

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The Caffeine Disaster

I have a deep emotional bond with coffee. After I regained the ability to drink it without it tearing up my gut, coffee and I took our relationship to a new level. I switched to a Chemex, and found locally … Continue reading

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Brilliant Scientist Among the #MillionsMissing

My friend Barb opened a window into the extraordinary loss she has endured because of ME/CFS. Please read her powerful statement, and count her among the #MillionsMissing. If you want a tiny peek into what I live with every day, … Continue reading

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I Am Among the #MillionsMissing

I miss hiking. Getting into the woods, to the enveloping strength of nature, was my favorite thing to do. I wanted to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. I miss more weddings, graduations, and funerals than I can count. I miss having … Continue reading

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How I Sleep At Night

One of the great incongruities of ME/CFS is that despite our bone-crushing brain-stealing fatigue, we are frequently unable to sleep. And if we do sleep, the quality of the sleep is very poor. This quickly sets up an escalating feedback … Continue reading

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Epic Eye Roll

I had a shocking experience at a doctor’s office yesterday. It was my first visit to his office for an issue unrelated to ME/CFS. After breezing into the room and making a sarcastic remark about the quality of doctors’ notes … Continue reading

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Grief: Too Many Words

When my mother died, I could not sculpt words around my grief. Even several months later, I still could not express how grief felt to me. Now, a year later, I find I have too many words to shape and … Continue reading

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Saying No

How To Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness is Toni Bernhard’s latest book. I’ve reviewed Toni’s previous books (here, here, and here), but over the course of years, Toni has become one of my most beloved friends. So while … Continue reading

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