David Tuller: Crowdfunding for Us All

I have supported David Tuller’s investigative journalism since he first began his crowdfunding campaigns,* but it has never been more important than right now. I urge you to join me in supporting his current fundraiser not only for yourself, but for millions of us.

Tuller’s work continues to have a tremendous impact on the controversial use of psycho-behavioral treatments for ME/CFS. As I said last fall, Tuller brought the controversy to the attention of media and scientific outlets in a way that no one had previously been able to do. Yet he didn’t just push one domino over, setting a cascade in motion. Tuller continues his reporting and his scientific commentary on the discredited PACE trial and other versions of the same theory.

People with ME/CFS are not the only ones who benefited from Tuller’s spotlight on the myth that psycho-behavioral therapies are a legitimate and effective treatment for the disease. That same myth is now being aggressively pushed on people with Long COVID. Doctors are telling long haulers that they are simply anxious, or that they can exercise their way out of their disease. Some media outlets continue to perpetuate this myth, aided and abetted by the PACE trialists and the rare individuals who say they have recovered from Long COVID through exercise. However, this myth is not given the credence that it was ten or even five years ago. Tuller’s work is part of a body of evidence that, fortunately, is being reported by many media sources.

It is far too easy to imagine what the public discourse on Long COVID would be if the PACE trial was still seen as good science. There might not be any Long COVID treatment centers, or if there were, they would be employing PACE-style techniques. The Long COVID advocacy movement would be facing the same uphill battle that people with ME/CFS have fought for decades, struggling to convince doctors, researchers and policy makers that this is a physiological disease, not neurosis or a twisted desire for secondary “gain.”

We need David Tuller to continue reporting and writing scientific commentary. We need him to continue working with other academics to expose the lie at the root of PACE theory. But we need him to continue not just to help people with ME/CFS, but to help people with Long COVID. It is possible that we could see one million or more people with Long COVID qualify for a diagnosis of ME (just in the United States). In the face of this epic public health crisis, we all need David Tuller to continue his work–which will help the rest of us do ours.

Tuller’s crowdfunding campaign ends on April 30th. Please make a financial contribution if you can, and/or share the campaign on social media.

*Read my previous articles about David Tuller’s work: 2017 2018 2019 2020

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  1. bobbi ausubel says:

    David’s work is so valuable for ME. He is one of the angels on our block. Thanks so much David and thats for plugging his needs here on this site.

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