Giving Thanks

bigstock-Gratitude-37954498November has become a gratitude month in the US, with Thanksgiving happening this week. Last year, I posted a list of ME/CFS related things I was grateful for, and I think it might be a healthy tradition to maintain.

  1. I am grateful for an online gratitude group that a friend invited me to join. It is such a joy (and sometimes a challenge) to practice gratitude, but I am practicing.

  3. I am grateful for the Freedom of Information Act. CFSAC, NIH and government agencies must disclose certain information upon request, and FOIA is the only way we can get access to it.

  5. I am grateful for resourceful advocate researchers. We would not know half the things we do about the Institute of Medicine contract and other government initiatives without the sharp thinking and persistent searching of these advocates.

  7. I am grateful for the IOM controversy – WAIT! Don’t freak out – I am grateful for the IOM controversy because it has galvanized many people to become involved in advocacy for the first time or in new ways. We need new eyes, new pens, and new blood in the movement.

  9. I am grateful to the ME/CFS experts willing to serve on the IOM committee.

  11. I am grateful for the steps advocates have taken to come together, to communicate, and to coordinate.

  13. I am grateful for Public Citizen.

  15. I am grateful to Toni Bernhard for her wonderful books, blog and friendship.

  17. I am grateful to my “research assistant,” and I only wish I could pay her.

  19. I am grateful for a fellow patient’s success in getting a graduate degree. It means there is hope for so many of us, especially young people who got sick before being able to go to college.

  21. I am grateful for the FDA and for the April Drug Development Workshop.

  23. I am grateful that I was able to travel to Maine for a family vacation this summer.

  25. I am grateful for River Ducks Ice Cream for reasons that have nothing to do with ice cream.

  27. I am so grateful that I was able to visit a dear friend/fellow patient for the first time in person.

  29. I am grateful for Canary in a Coal Mine, and the team working with Jen Brea to make it happen.

  31. I am grateful to all my confidential sources. They have made some of my advocacy work possible.

  33. I am grateful that I still have enough hope that I am willing to try new treatments. I am grateful that some of them have helped.

  35. I am grateful to a doctor for being willing to take me on.

  37. I am grateful to the ME/CFS patients who talked me out of attempting NaNoWriMo this year. You were right.

  39. I am grateful to the people who accepted nomination to the CFSAC. It will not be easy.

  41. I am grateful to Carol Head for taking on the challenge of leading the CFIDS Association.

  43. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring our story to new audiences.

  45. I am grateful to be recognized for the work on this blog.

  47. I am grateful for my laptop. Writing would not be an option without it.

  49. I am grateful for short hair, because the sensation of hair brushing my neck had become intolerable.

  51. I am grateful for my Fitbit. It has changed my pacing approach.

  53. I am grateful to the friend who brought a kale salad for lunch one day, and I’m grateful that I liked it.

  55. I am grateful to my husband and family.  You make it possible for me to survive this disease.

  57. I am grateful to my best girl friends: A, K, D, M, M, and T. You make it possible for me to laugh at this disease.

  59. This has been the hardest year of my life. I am grateful that I am still here and that I have not given up.

  61. I am eternally grateful that you are still here, reading my blog and sharing this journey with me. You are having a tremendous impact on my life.
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8 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. And I am grateful to you Jennie. It’s because of compassionate, determined advocates like you that we’re about to enter the fast-track for finding the cause…and maybe even a cure for this terrible disease.

  2. Vickie says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  3. Ess says:

    How beautiful . . . there are many things still for us to be grateful for. Every night when I go to bed, I say to myself how lucky I am–some are larger in scope like my family–some are ‘little’ in the moment happenings–yes, there is a lot to be thankful for. I am also very thankful that I can ‘stand up to this horrid disease of ME/CFS’ and not allow it to totally and completely destroy my life. I am grateful for HOPE . . .

    Thank you again, Jennie; I am grateful for all that you do with your blog–it is an important piece/vehicle to get to the answers and justice re ME/CFS, especially in these newest events and trying times. We’ll get there!!

  4. Bobbi says:

    I am grateful that we are still connected. You are amazing and I am blessed to know you. xoxo

  5. Christian Godbout says:

    Jennie as regards 30 and 31, likewise, likewise, likewise…
    Thanks for being there.

  6. Dor says:

    Just found your blog today and I’m so excited read more! I dug out my pedometer/hr monitor and am using your numbers as an idea where to go with it. Thank you so SO much for all you’re doing. Just having another idea for controlling and measuring pacing has made me feel surprisingly buoyant after what has been a horrible couple months. I love that you’re part of a gratitude group. I’m going to find one, or start one! The fact that I can pay my bills, have a WONDERFUL bed, heat, food. I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for giving me more!

    • Jennie Spotila says:

      Dor, thank you! Today was a very rough day for me, as I got bad news on a couple personal fronts. You made my day. Thank you so much for telling me the post helped you, and that you are inspired to try working with the pedometer and heart rate monitor. Thank you for sharing your gratitude. I sincerely appreciate it.

  7. Ess says:

    Sorry to hear that you have gotten some bad news today, Jennie. Take care!!

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